Saturday, 29 September 2012

Chicken Rezala Recipe

Chicken Rezala  is a very Delicious recipe. This recipe is a easy type recipe.

·      Chicken 1 kg(boneless chicken)
·      Cashew nuts 50gm
·      Curds 100gm
·      2-3tbsp cardamom powder
·      2-3tbsp ginger paste
·      2-3tbsp garlic paste
·      Onions 3 medium size (chopped)
·      Salt to taste
·      Red chilies 5-7
·      Saffron
·      Oil 2-3 tbsp
·      Ghee 3-4tbsp
·      Nutmeg
·      Garnish with rose papyri.


**In a bowl mixture in chicken with add cashew nuts, curds, cardamom powder, nutmeg, salt, ginger paste, and garlic paste. Then mix it and marinate at refrigerator for 1 hours.
*In a pan heat the 3tbsp oil and ghee. Add onion, garlic and ginger paste mix the pan.
*Add the chicken pieces mix the pan. Lightly heat cook the chicken.
*Then add the red chilies and mix well. Chicken cook for 35mints.
*In a bowl mix the saffron. Add the saffron in a pan. Heat for 2mints and turn off the heat.
*Serve to ready in chicken Rezala.
*Garnish with Rose Papyri.

*Serve with luchi or fried rice.
You can apply in this recipe. Serve with 6-7people.

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