Sunday, 30 September 2012

Coconut samosa


*                       Flour 2-3 cup
*                       Coconut paste
*                       Chili paste
*                       Coriander leaves(paste)
*                       Oil 2tbsp
*                       Salt to taste
*                       Curry leaves
*                       Pudina chutney
·      In a pan heat the 2tbsp oil add the coconut paste, mix the pan.
·      Then added the chili paste, coriander paste, salt mix the samosa  pour. Medium heat for 5minutes.
·      In a large bowl flour salt, water mix the paste.
·      Then the flour exterior, turn over available currency to about 6”length with progressing stick. Slash ring in half. Fold over 1 curve of half circle awake and more internal. Double next curve more to turn out triangle and bit curve of triangles to close. Abscond smoothed surface unlock. Stick triangle in your dispense with unlock curved plane upbeat. Material the funnel with inside jumble. Unlock the curved side by theft with your dispense. Show again the method with residual currency and satisfying.
·      In a pan heat the oil samosa deep frying  in a pan for a little resume or pending golden-haired.
·      Serve to ready samosa.
·      Garnish with curry leaves. Serve with pudina chutney.

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