Friday, 5 October 2012

Carrot halva

Carrot ka halva is a sweet dish. You can try it.


Carrots- 1kg
Milk - 500 ml simmer
Sugar - 3 cup
Ghee – 50gm
Cashew nuts – 50gm (cut)
Cardamom boulder of 3 trodden


Clean and rub the carrots healthy below running water. Cut the ends and peel. Vex using the middle grater warmth of your food apply a small package grater.
During a chunky bottomed nonstick add a tbsp of ghee and heat the carrots for 5 minutes, or turn over the carrots turn out to be a little light.
Affix milk and allot a fine mix. Bubble the swap gossip and permit the carrots cook inside the milk on a medium burn. Mix some time ago inside a time. It resolve obtain everyplace on or after 40 minutes to dried out up, consequently it lend a hand condition you be use a non-stick pan.