Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mutton vathakal


INGREDIENTS: Mutton Vathakal
Gutless Mutton       500 gm
Big Onions                3medium size
Shallots                    15 no (1goblet cut)              
Cumin residue          3 tbsp
Coriander residue     3 tbsp
Chili residue               3 tbsp
Pepper residue         2 tbsp
Salt                              To Taste
Coriander Leaves       To Decorate

  1. Cut mutton addicted to small parts with clean glowing. Chop Onions. Inside a anxiety cooker, affix Mutton, salt and heat for 25 mints so as to the mutton resolve turn into squashy. One time the cooker be cold, release it with stay sideways.
  2. In a pan, cook oil with Affix cut onions, Shallots and fry till it becomes light brown color. Affix mutton, salt with cook in shim.
  3. Affix Red chili residue, Cumin residue, Coriander, residue and cook till the gravy is dried up. Affix pepper residue with get rotten on or after the oven.
  4. Decorate with coriander foliage and Serve up hot and luchi or biriyani.

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