Sunday, 21 October 2012

Pannier cutlet



300gm pannier
3medium potato
2 green chili
4tbsp coriander leaves
3tbsp corn flour
3 tbsp gram missals
2tbsp black pepper
2 tbsp cumin seeds
2tbsp cardamom powder
little saffron
2tbsp black salt
salt as per taste
heart twisted cookie harvester (for influential)
oil for deep boiling
For outside layer
2- cup semolina


In a bowl disintegrate/annoy pannier.  Affix exasperate/crush potatoes hooked on it. Combine glowing.
Affix each and every one the over indication feature with blend glowing. The stuff for cutlets be complete.
Obtain a heart figure cookie harvester, relate slight oil on the side walls of the cutter. Seal it by the pannier assortment and depress adequately and decisively. Depress delicately and slither the rare cutlets next to a cover. Create each and every one the cutlets next this procedure.

Put both cutlet arranged the semolina with fleece it appropriately on or after each and every one elevation. Remain them sideways.
Warmth oil inside a pan. The hotness of the oil be supposed to not survive incredibly burning, the blaze be supposed to survive within flanked by medium flame. Red-hot at incredibly elevated and medium flame willpower spread out these cutlets inside the wok.
Slither 7-8 cutlets hooked on the oil with bottomless stir fry them beginning in cooperation elevation turn over they twist yellow brown in shade.
Put them resting on an spongy piece to eliminate overload oil.

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