Friday, 5 October 2012

Soya bean recipe

Soybean Mixed Rice is a very easy procedure.

Soybean Mixed Rice


1.                Basmati Rice - 2 goblet
2.                Water – 1-2 goblet
3.                Soybean Lump - 1 goblet
4.                Water - 3 goblet
5.                or more to simmer the soya Lump
6.                Onion - 3(thinly sliced) bump
7.                Tomato -2(thinly slice)
8.                Green  chili - 4(slice)
9.                Ginger, garlic slice - 2 tbsp
10.          Turmeric residue - 3tbsp
11.          Coriander residue - 2 tbsp
12.          Gram Missals - 3 tbsp
13.          Curry leaves
14.          Coriander leaves - 3 tbsp
15.          Cinnamon - small
16.          Cardamom - 3
17.          Cloves - 4
18.          Salt  taste
19.          Oil - 4tbsp

Preparation Method:-
  • Washing plus use up the rice with reserve.
  • Plunge soy mass in simmer water, provide it a mix and allow it simmer once more used for a tiny.  Get sour the oven and tap keen on  a sieve stay the sieve below in a row  water, stroke by your hand over and washing  the soy mass  vastly fine two three instance . Grasp not in every the further water and reserve.
  • Warmth awake the heaviness cooker, decant oil, affix cinnamon , cardamom, cloves, few curry leaves and heat pro a minute. Affix the mashed ginger-garlic plus cook pro a minute or two, affix onion, green chilies, salt and cook till onion turns medium brown.
  • Affix the chop up tomato, little coriander foliage plus cook dig tomato twist spongy. Affix turmeric residue, coriander residue plus missals and cook dig all mix together glowing.
  • Affix the soya lumps and cook glowing to blend. Dispense two saucers of water plus allow it simmer.  At what time the gravy create to simmer remain them in intermediate temperature, envelop (lacking gasket on top of) plus permit it heat dig rare fragrance goes rancid for about seven minutes.
  • Affix the rice plus mix dig the top of the sauce pan and verify intended the salt, affix salty but much loved. Lock the burden cooker plus stop intended for immediately solitary screech (My cooker capture simply one screech to boil standard basmati rice, remain intended for as lots of screech as you do intended for your cooker basmati rice food preparation)
  • Remain dig the saddle completely go off, unlock the cover plus leave absent it designed for hardly any minute utter  ten minutes dig  the vapor hot approach downhill.
  • Smoothly mix rice by a budge to a serve plate. Decorate by little additional coriander trees Serve up temperate by Raito, pickle or everything of your variety. Get pleasure from!!!!!        

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