Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mawa barfi


Ingredients: (For grounding of 30 pieces)
or harden thick cream of milk ( 300 gm.),
Cocoa powder or chocolate large piece ( 2-3 tbsp/ 5 dice),
annoy cashew nuts ( 20 gm.),
Sugar (2-3 cup). 

Water down sugar through water within a bud vase as well as temperature, it turn over it turn out to be a chunky syrup. Afterward combine the subsequent ingredients in the method given away underneath in the illustration prearranged schematically.

Step 1: Annoy the harden condensed milk as well as combine it through the sweetie syrup. Make use of a spatula to create an still combination as well as it determination emerge similar to a even dough. Separate the currency hooked on 3/4th fraction as well as remain the 1/4th division unconnectedly. 

Step 2: Be appropriate 4 teaspoons of cocoa powder on top of the 1/4th fraction of the currency and combine correctly. Stipulation you are by means of chocolate large piece then it’s sensible to thaw out it as well as make use of the length of by means of the currency.

Step 3: Remain the currency on a dish. The dish be supposed to be covered by means of a butter thesis in sequence to stay away from attach of the currency by means of it. Stipulation you don’t comprise butter thesis you know how to be relevant oil greater than commonplace thesis and utilize it pro position the currency.


Step 4: Be relevant the 1/4th division of the currency which exist chocolate in excess of the non chocolate covered single. Employ a spatula in order that the coating be able to be practical consistently devoid of troubling the consistency of several of them.

Step 5: Irritate cashew nuts and shake over the currency equipped in that way. It determination seem satisfactorily decorate and put up with a whole saleable exterior. At the moment cover up the officially permitted tender by means of butter manuscript as well as remain in refrigerated situation for 4 hours. When it is ready then slash hooked on equivalent dice by means of the assist of table knife. Position arranged a dish as well as it is prepared to anecdote by way of your language.

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