Friday, 9 November 2012

Rasmalai and Rasgulla



whole milk 2 Liter

Pannier 150gm
1/4 liter milk (for syrup)
Lemon juice 4 tbsp
Sugar 4cups
Water 4 cups
Cardamom powder 1/3 tsp
12 Saffron fiber

Nuts for garnish


·         Temperature 2 lit milk, at what time it create sweltering, add lemon juice as well as mix glowing
·        Temperature on down flame in anticipation of the whey water obviously divide. Turning the temperature.
·        Get a metal stressed, creased by a cheese material. Dispense the curdled milk within it as well as clean it glowing by organization water beneath the tap to take away the lemon stink as well as acidity.

·        Press the glut water softly on or after the material and droop it pro 25 minutes. After 1 hour, acquire absent the disintegrate pannier into a bowl. Press the pannier for 10 minutes softly to create it a squashy and soft bread. 
·        Create silky equivalent range balls around ones for rasgulla as well as a small flat ones for rasomalai. Into a weight cooker, add water as well as sugar to create syrup as well as boil it. As well add cardamom dust. To the syrup insert the pannier balls cautiously single at the back the extra. Pressure cook on down burn till solitary shriek. 
·        Give permission it hang in relation to pro 15 more minutes. Turn off the heat. On one occasion the cooker colds off, you know how to observe the pannier balls hooked on the syrup enclose double the measurement.
·        The Rasgullas is ready.


 For Rasmalai-
·        Heat 1/4 liter milk, add 1 cup sugar, saffron and cardamom powder. Convey to simmer and give permission it condense a small. 


·        Turning the temperature at what time the milk colds a small, take away the rasgullas from the syrup as well as dunk them into milk decorate with wacky and serve up.

·        Serve to ready rasgulla and rasmalai.

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