Friday, 2 November 2012

Yeast pizza



All intention flour-5cup
Yeast -2tsp
Salt to taste
Luke warm water-2cup
Olive oil
Pizza sauce -3tbsp
Onion -2
Capsicum -2
Lime -5
Mushroom -12 (piece)


Inside a bowl add 300 ml humid water.
Into so as to, put in 2 tsp of yeast, 2tbsp of sugar and salt, combine glowing.
After that add 2 cup of flour addicted to the yeast combine and mix well. Cover up this combine and remain sideways intended for about 25 minutes.
Within an additional bowl add 3 cups of flour, 4tbsp of olive oil and combine glowing. At the moment add the flour yeast combine. Squeeze for 10 minutes to acquire a spongy bread .The bread ought to be extremely yielding. Shake over olive oil in pinnacle of the bread. Wrap the bread by means of a damp textile and stay this in a taut bud vase for concerning 1-2 hour.

Following 1 hour get the bread out and again knead well  for 5 minutes as well as remain again surrounded by the elderly put for an additional 30 minutes .
Now take the bread out .Remove the cloth and knead .Take some flour and dust the dough. Separate the bread. Oil the yacht with olive oil. At this time put the bread addicted to the yacht and figure it through urgent bread with hand over. Give permission it take it trouble-free for 5 minutes

At the moment increase pizza sauce to the pinnacle of the bread. After that increase cheese evenly in the peak. To finish shake over olive oil in each and every one part of the pizza. Argument olive oil into the boundaries of the pizza.

Earlier than responsibility each and every one these pre heat oven for 35minutes in 190 degree Celsius.
At the moment put the boat in the oven, heat for 10 minutes in a very small flame.
At what time the oven is prepared, put the ferry in the oven yacht the pizza for 35 minutes in 230 celsius. The mouth-watering vegetable pizza is ready to provide.

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