Sunday, 9 December 2012

Chana daal



Chana daal – 2 cups (soaked overnight in water)
Onion – 2 medium
Tomatoes – 4
Chana missals – 3 tsp
Red chili powder – 2 tsp
Oil – 4 tsp
Salt to taste

To garnish:
2 onion, delicately chop up
2 cup coriander leaves, chop up
2 lemon, slash into wedges

1. Pressure heat the soaked chana by means of salt pending soft.


 2. Warmth oil in a pan and stir fry onions, at what time translucent, add chop up tomatoes.
3. Insert the chana missals powder and red chilli powder, stir fry for a little more mints.
4. Insert the not poisonous chana and give permission boil intended for 25 more mints, or simmer in a pressure pan designed for 2 more whistle.

 5. Take away, garnish by means of a few chop up uncooked onions, coriander leaves as well as lemon lodge.
6. Go away well by means of chapathi, poori.


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