Friday, 25 January 2013

Shady rum and ginger ale recipe


o    3 cups lightly cooked rice
o    2 cup dice ham
o    2 cup chop up broccoli
o    3 eggs
o    fresh ginger origin
o    2 corm garlic
o    2 Lemon
o    1/2 cup soy sauce
o    black pepper
o     vegetable oil
o    pan
o    large frying pan
o    hurtful board
Procedure: Drink Combination: shady rum & ginger ale
Most important, place the rice on to heat, this be supposed to take about 25 minutes. At the same time as the rice is cooking get ready the rest of the ingredient. Slash up the garlic as well as ginger, cut the ham into cubes, as well as chop the broccoli into minute florets.
When the rice is complete, receive gone it from the burner. Put 2 tablespoon of oil as well as the chop up garlic as well as ginger in the frying pan over high warmth.
When the garlic generate to brown at the border, and the  ham and the brocoli, the length of by means of another tablespoon of oil. Place in 1 teaspoons of black pepper. Mix commonly.
At what time the broccoli turn out to be soft as well as the red meat is chocolate at the boundaries, break 3  eggs into the pan as well as stir speedily to mess up the eggs.
On one occasion the eggs are not poisonous decrease the heat as well as add 4 cups of the safe to eat rice as well as 1/2 cup soy sauce. Heat over middle heat for1 5 more minutes, stirring infrequently.

Slash the lemon into accommodation, press over rice, in addition to serve.

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