Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Payesh Recipe



Milk – 3 liter
Basmati Rice -  3 cup
Ghee – 4t
Raisins - a fistful flooded in water
Bay Leaves - 4
Sugar – ½ cup
gur 2 cup

1. Clean the rice, consume the water and then spread the rice with a small ghee

2. Decant milk in a sweltering pan, more often than not a deep serious underneath pan. Add bay leaves.

 3. At what time the milk approach to a boil add the rice. Be cautious so that milk does not bubble in excess of. Stir sporadically and check if the rice is complete. Keep rousing regularly else the milk power scald the underneath of the pan as it congeal.
4. At what time the rice is safe to eat add sugar and Gur. Addition sugar earlier than the rice has simmer hinders it in receipt of safe to eat correctly. At the present mix the milk ceaselessly.

 5. At what time the milk has thickened to the right consistency, to check this take a spoonful of irrigate and pour it on a flat plate, the stickiness of the milk ought to be such that it does not pour. By this time the milk would have as well abridged from it is unique quantity. Approx. time to arrive at this period is approximately an hour or so at a standard flame surroundings.
6. Insert Raisins.

7. Serve up cold.

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