Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chocolate cake



200gm dark chocolate

Milk Chocolate

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp golden syrup

100g Cornflakes


  1. Put the chocolate pieces, butter as well as syrup in a heat evidence bowl.
  2. Put the bowl on pinnacle of a saucepan of hardly boil water.
    • Intended for white chocolate as well as boil an creep or so of water into a saucepan, take away it from the warmth then place your heat evidence bowl ahead to thaw out the ingredients jointly. The warmth from the water be supposed to be enough to thaw out the whole thing.
    • On the other hand you can place the bowl into the microwave for 5 minutes, into petite 40s gush, inspiring every time. When approximately completely thaw, discontinue warmth and mix fine until even the heat of the basin as well as combination be supposed to help dissolve the last little small piece of chocolate.
  3. Liquefy the chocolate, butter and syrup: mix awaiting nearly everyone of the chocolate is thaw out as well as smooth, after that remove the bowl from the warmth (get it rotten the saucepan!) as well as carry on rousing in anticipation of the larger chunks of chocolate are thaw and the combination is even.
  4. Insert the cornflakes, 1 handful at a occasion, rousing awaiting they exist each and every one methodically covered. After that add another handful and do again awaiting you contain a good thick coating on the breakfast cereal – you might have to add more or fewer cornflakes depending on the quantity of butter as well as syrup you added to the chocolate initially.
  5. Put a mound tablespoon of combination keen on each paper container and keep cold pending put.
  6. Serve to ready chocolate cake.


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