Saturday, 6 October 2012

Badam ka sheera sweet

This sweet dish is a variant.


Badam Ka Sheera:
3 goblet almonds (covered with water for the night),
4 goblet boiling milk,
300 gm ghee,
200 gm sugar.

  • Skin the almonds, clean and crush to well cream.
  • Cook ghee inside a deep non-stick pan. Affix glue and heat on initial shrill next unhurried burn, rousing endlessly. After a while it should turn a light brown and aromatic.
  • Suspiciously transfer hot milk plus mix
  • Treat a long- conduct spatula because the blend take care of to wet.
  • At what time solidify, affix the sugar plus bake, inspiring endlessly and softly turn over ghee start on to break up.
  • Beautify in the midst of cut nuts and serve up warm.

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