Thursday, 11 October 2012

Vegetable gumbo


Bean and Pannier Soup Recipe
Serves 5 persons
2 cup beans, dry out in water all night and burden cook turn over almost ripe
2 tomato, finely cut
3-4 tbsp thoroughly washed and chopped spinach
2small capsicum, finely cut
1 red capsicum, cook dig slightly charred
2 onion, finely divide
3 red chili
Garlic paste
2″ cinnamon twig
Taste of cinnamon residue
3 tbsp oil
Vegetable stockpile or water
Salt as per taste
Coriander leaves and curry leaves for garnish.

1. Heat the oil in a cooking bowl. Add the garlic, cinnamon twig, and onions and heat for 5mints. Affix the red chili with cut spinach cook for an extra 3 mints. Affix cut the tomatoes and heat for 10 mints. Affix the green or yellow capsicum slice and heat pro the same 5 mints.

2 Affix the beans and half liter of vegetable stockpile or water and mix. heat on medium flame for 25 mints. Turn off cook and cold.
3 Combine the frozen mixture next to with the heat capsicum to a soft paste. Mix it by the outstanding ripe mixture and stay to heat on medium flame.
4Afffix the piece pannier slice and mix. Heat on medium, flame for 5 mints. Garnish with coriander leaves, capsicum pieces, and curry leaves.

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