Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mixed vegetable recipe



Mixed vegetable

2 medium size carrot, skin and chop
2 large potato, skin and chop
100gm beans, dice
2 goblet cauliflower, slash hooked on little
2 medium onion, lightly slice
2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
3 tomatoes, grow pale, skin with mash
3 tbsp turmeric residue
3 tbsp vegetable missal residue
Salt as per taste.

Bake in 3 tbsp of oil, cold and mill to a paste:
5 dry red chilies
2 tbsp coriander plant seeds
2″ cinnamon glue
3 tbsp scrape coconut

For excitement / turn up
2 tbsp cumin plant seeds
3tbsp oil.

1 Heat up oil inside a harsh bottomed jug, affix cumin plant seeds with allow to boil. Affix cut onions with fry dig red. Affix ginger garlic paste with cook for 5 mints.
2 Affix the carrot, potato, beans with cauliflower and cook at vehicle flame for 10 mints at medium high. Add salt and turmeric residue with unite. Reduce flame, put cover and heat turn over the vegetables be authentic partly safe to eat. Affix compressed tomatoes with heat extra for a new 5 mints.
3. Affix 2 goblet of stream to the vegetables with carry to a cook. Heat with cover for 10 mints. Get rid of cover, affix the crushed paste with combine well. Affix vegetable missals the combine. Heat on medium flame pro 25 mints, turn above the feel is chunky and not thin.
4 Disgust cook and garnish with clean coriander foliage. Serve with dosa.

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