Saturday, 6 October 2012

Gujiya sweet

This sweet dish is a discrepancy.


Gujiya (Koradji):

2 goblet Wheat flour
5 tbsp Ghee
1 taste Salt
2 goblet Oil (frying)
1 goblet Grill coconut
4 goblet Sugar
3 goblet Milk
Little Almonds
Few Raisins
1 tbsp Cardamom residue
2 tbsp Poppy plant seeds

  • Inside a integration bowl join the salt, flour plus ghee. Wipe in glowing. Slowly affix water plus press to form a solid bucks. Cover with wet cloth and set aside.
  • Intended for the innards: heat the coconut (dried) sugar, milk, cut almonds plus raisins, cardamom residue, plus poppy plant seeds turn over the milk disperse.
  • Break up the bucks into 20-25 sections, roll them out into flat round pancakes. Put a tbsp of guts at the middle plus fold over the lump in partly. Make use of a harvester to make the semi-circular limit plus slash sour glut dough. You container shut the boundaries via affect a slight milk plus burning up stiff.
  • Later than every the koradji be overstuffed, fry them in extremely hot oil intended for 5 minutes or turn over yellow tan, take off on top of tabloid make dry plus let to cold.

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